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    Dear CustomFactions' Members

    Have you been banned recently, either by one of our staff members or anti-cheat? Do you believe it is unfair or unjust?

    You can appeal your ban in order for your ban length to be reduced or removed.

    When doing so, stick to the following format:

    - Your in-game name:
    - Your Discord-ID (if you have):
    - Banned by:
    - Reason:
    - Ban length:
    - Why do you believe your ban was unjust?
    - Note(s):

    Once the member of staff has decided what to do with your appeal, they will reply to it. Moderator+ can unban and therefore look at appeals aswell. Any rank under Moderator must wait for confirmation on their decision from a Moderator+. There are two purposes of this: firstly, provide you with a chance and second opinion aswell as for me I'm able to see the perspective of the staff that banned you.

    Appeals can take a day or two for them to be replied to.

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