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Discussion in 'Staff Reports' started by Gatesway, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Dear CustomFactions' Members

    As some of you might know, I manage the Staff Team myself. Most of the people that get to become Staff, have been acting as professional as it gets towards me (either on their application or simply messages).

    Unfortunately sometimes it does occur that a member of our team doesn't behave like he was taught to. In a likewise situation, you should immediately try to establish some kind of evidence against the member of staff, this can be by taking screenshots or simply recording.

    Once you've got proof, you should report the staff in this section.

    When doing so, stick to the following format:

    - Your in-game name:
    - Your Discord and ID:
    - Staff's in-game name:
    - Staff's Discord and ID:
    - Explain what happened:
    - Evidence:
    - Note(s):

    Once reported, the member of staff will be dealt with accordingly.

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