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    Hello there CustomFactions' Members

    If you've ever had to experience an encounter with a rule breaker, we really do apologise. Our Staff team is always trying their best to prevent this from happening, but sometimes we need your help.

    In order to prevent the rule-breaker from continuing their duties and often annoying a lot of players in their way, we need you to report him.

    You can do so by simply creating a thread against the offender in this section.

    When doing, stick to the following format:

    - Your in-game name:
    - Your Discord and ID:
    - Offenders in-game name:
    - Offenders Discord and ID:
    (to find this, go to a random text chat and try to @ him. Then click his name and copy his information (not required))
    - Rules that were broken:
    - Evidence (REQUIRED):
    - Note(s):

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