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    Hello there, CustomFactions

    In order to keep the community a safe and clean environment for everyone, we're looking for some volunteers which would like to become a member of our Staff Team.

    In order to apply, you have to meet some requirements:

    - Minimum age of 13 is a must.
    - A clean history isn't necessary but may assist your application.
    - Using correct capitalization and punctuation is a must.
    - Having Discord is a must.

    Once you've met all of the requirements, you're able to apply. Stick to the following format:

    - In game name:
    - Discord name & ID:
    - Current age:
    - Timezone (IN UTC):
    - Experience (provide evidence):
    - Do you think you'd be a great fit for our team, why?:
    - What can you offer us?:
    - Tell us a little about yourself:
    - Any notes?:

    Please be aware, your application might have already been reviewed without you knowing, however usually I will wait on making a decision to give members the chance to review it theirselves aswell as give their opinion on your behaviour ingame etc. Because of this it might take a bit longer for your application to be responded to. (Usually around 3 days)

    Upon your application going into further stages, you'll receive a direct message from me. An interview will be arranged in order to fully decide if you're a fit for the team or not.

    Best of luck.

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